5 Things You Can Do To Sleep Better

Having a good night sleep is becoming obsolete. Most of us nowadays are not getting more than 6 hours of sleep without any interruptions. Our mobile devices are not helping the situation either. We’re constantly receiving notifications from emails, text messages, Facebooks LIKES, news updates while we sleep.

How to ease this situation?

  • Eliminate Noise –  Sleeping with the TV is still on is not going to help. Your brain is still working hard . It is essential to let your mind take a break before sleep. Noise FREE is the way to go.
  • Dinner Time – Eat dinner early and eat something light. Digesting food while trying to catch some sleep makes things difficult. It is suggested to eat 3-4 hours prior going to bed.
  • Morning ritual – Most of us haven’t realised the fact that the first few hours after waking up are important for improving sleep. Try waking up one hour earlier and form your own morning ritual.  Having a ritual will condition your mind for proper sleep hours later.

Here are few things will help to improve your sleep.

1.  Meditation
2. Exercise
3. Music
4. Reading a few pages of a good book

Jonite Grating


Having a better sleep won’t happen over night. We need to put effort into it just like everything else. It is not going to be easy, or else there won’t be so many people suffering from not having good sleep. Sleeping  takes one third of our life. It deserves us to invest effort into it.

Stress is the major cause of sleepless nights. Stress causes anxiety, migraines, and physical pain. They all will lead to difficulty in sleeping.

Here are five tips to reduce stress:

1. No alcohol-  Alcohol is not going to help to rest your body.
2. No Caffeine – Avoid caffeine at night.
3. No smoking – Smoking affects how the immune system functions by causing stress. And it is bad for health.
4. No arguing- With increased heart rate, high blood pressure, it is difficult to sleep at night.
5. No water – Drinking water before going to bed will cause you to empty your bladder, therefore, interrupting your beauty sleep.